Millions Celebrate L. Ron Hubbard’s Birthday!


That’s according to a press release from the Church of Scientology who claim that millions all across Teegeeack (Earth to you newbies) got together on March 13th and shouted Hip, Hip, Hooray for LRH.


In 160 countries around the world millions of people celebrate March 13th, the birthday of L. Ron Hubbard (1911-1986), founder of the Scientology Religion.

I counted only one person celebrating: legendary broadcaster Keith Olbermann gave the old con man a shout out on his broadcast that night.

Hubbard is going to be pissed when he picks up a new body and discovers he’s more of a laughingstock now than he was when he died.

Nice going, DM.

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One Comment on “Millions Celebrate L. Ron Hubbard’s Birthday!”

  1. demetre Says:

    You can always find something good on Countdown! Hip Hip Horray!

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