Because Larry King Really Needs a Creepy Stare

Tom Cruise reportedly gave Larry King a tour of Scientology’s hit-job on Psychiatry: An Industry of Death. “Hey, let’s take the kids!”

King said he was not convinced of the sect’s stand, saying “Their attack on psychiatry is incredible. They hate psychiatry,” reported in a story carried on IANS Tuesday.

America’s most respected newsman, Keith Olbermann, devoted a few moments to this story earlier in the week.

But Keith is not the only one to have covered this story. Let me introduce you to Stephanie Miller. She is a terrifically funny radio show host with a smart, faced-paced liberal mind. Her daily morning drive-time show is building in steam and she has become a force to reckon with.

You can listen to three daily comedy segments on her blog and subscribe to hear the whole show. The archive of her bits is a terrific place to browse. She has a gifted impressionist with her every day who not only does some fantastic voices but he has a deep understanding of the wackiness of Scientology.

Download the mp3

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