The Church of Practicology

HAPPY XENU DAY!!!  For the first time ever, people all across Teegeeack (Earth to you newbies) are celebrating L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday by saluting the evil overlord Xenu who has been trapped in his mountainside prison for 75 million years.  It’s about time we give him his mad props.

And before I head up to Los Angeles to celebrate the day with my sweet Magooski and fellow revelers, I give you this amusing Xenu Day treat.

If you’re not watching 30 Rock, you’re missing one of the funniest, sharpest shows on TV.  Writer/producer/star/goddess Tina Fey has created a fast-paced, fresh and vastly amusing behind the scenes look at a TV variety show.

Thursday night, unstable star of the variety show, Tracy Morgan, was looking around for a religion which might help him out in case he hits any PR trouble…which he always does.  Tina suggests the Church of Practicology which bore an uncanny resemblance to a certain group which can’t tolerate any “joking and degrading.”

Hollywood has known for a while now that Scientology provides a great punch-line for practically any occasion.  Practicology joins Bowfinger’s Mind-Head cult, Millennium’s Selfosophy and Upright Citizens Brigade’s Psychotonomy as delicious parodies of Scientology.

Enjoy.  And thank you Ron, for making this all possible.

Hip-Hip-Hooray!   Hip-Hip-Hooray!   Hip-Hip-Hooray!

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6 Comments on “The Church of Practicology”

  1. maggie Says:


    Thanks for making me laugh, in the grand Xenu Day tradition of joking and degrading.

    Happy Xenu Day, Mark!

  2. Kilia Says:

    Happy Xenu Day, Mark and thanks for the laughs!!

  3. Evorgleb Says:

    We just added the video of Tracy acting up on live TV over at Highbrid Nation. That dude is wild. I’m starting to think that has character on 30 Rock is just him being himself. Maybe thats why he is so convincing on the show

  4. Andrew Says:

    Hey Mark,

    Please add more video talking to the Scientologists when you go visit!

  5. freeway Says:

    Hope the filming will be great as always Mark!
    Thanks for all the work, and have a wonderful day with
    Tory and the rest. I’m sure it will be a blast.

  6. Andrew Says:

    Where’s the video???

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