Beneath the Planet of Vince Daniels and Stone Hawk

BROADCAST DATE:  February 24th, 2007

The Many Moods of Vince Daniels

I always loved the title of the first Planet of the Apes sequel. Didn’t care that much for the movie but the name “Beneath the Planet of the Apes” still tickles me.

Anyway, Vince Daniels is doing a sequel to his show last week on Stone Hawk, the Battle Creek Narconon facility of Scientology. It’s a good thing that Vinnie is continuing to tackle the subject of StoneHawk and the alleged sub-par facilities and fraudulent nature of Scientology’s treatment.

In part one, Vinnie and his co-hosts read emails and take phone calls about last week’s show. One caller mentions “L. Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman?” which I am re-reading right now. You can read the full book online or pick up a copy at Amazon. It’s a great book written by Bent Corydon who was a Scientology Mission Holder and had a great story to tell.

The caller says the book was written by L. Ron Hubbard Jr. which is inaccurate. He was a co-author of the book but withdrew his co-operation before the book was finished, amid pressure from Scientology. Hubbard accepted a settlement offer from Scientology and remained silent about the group afterwards but his prior assistance on the book was utilized and remained critical in making the book a success.

Vinne also reads an e-mail from Barbara Schwartz, a deeply troubled woman who spams the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology with her kooky rants about being the spawn of L. Ron Hubbard and Eisenhower. I never thought any radio show anywhere would ever utter her name but there you have it.

Segment two features features Kimberly Darr and Sheri Koenig from last week’s show. Kimberly’s fiancée, Dave Bowser, left Stonehawk recently. Sheri’s fiancée, Daryl, was kicked out of the the facility immediately after last week’s show aired. He was dropped off at a motel 20 miles away with a few dollars in his pocket. Sheri had to drive 11 hours through a snowstorm to pick him up.

Kim reports that Dave is in another non-Narconon program and doing better but traumatized by his experiences and facing trust-issues.

She has contact info for the authorities in Michigan. If you have complaints about the Narconon program, call John Wilhelmsen in charge of licensing for the State of Michigan at (517) 241-1970 and Jeannie Diver, the Quality Assurance Manager for the Mid-South Substance Abuse Commision at (517) 337-4406 extension 111.

Segment three continues to amaze as two more recent patients at Stone Hawk appear to corroborate the charges leveled in last week’s show. Doug from Indianapolis (not sure of the spelling of his last name “Kaneen”) was actually the roommate of Dave Bowser. Doug left the Stone Hawk program last weekend on the same day that Daryl was kicked out of the facility. Doug’s mother heard last week’s show and took Doug out of Stone Hawk immediately.

Cash Williams and his mother Theresa Nelson also appear. They talk not only about the conditions at Stone Hawk but also about settlement offers from Scientology. Theresa wants to warn other parents about sending their kids to Narconon.

The Scientology view of “Ethics” is discussed. Scientology ethics is nothing like what we in the wog world believe ethics to be. To be ethical in Scientology is to toe the party line and behave the way L. Ron Hubbard demanded. You are “Out-Ethics” if you disobey a Scientology order and are punished until you are brought back into line.

Segment four features phone calls from listeners. The first is Anna, a doctor who pushes another Scientology website for the detox program. She really, really believes in the program. Thank god, I was able to get through to Vinnie and let him know it was a Scientology site.

Why can’t Scientologists just be upfront? The doctor says “I don’t undersstand your question” when asked if it was a Narconon program she was involved with. That’s not that hard a question, whether English is your first language or not.

Bob from Glendale went through the program and praises it. He is a Scientologist and admits it. Good for you Bob. Be proud. By the way, Glendale is another stronghold of Scientology. I lived there for many years before I started researching the group. See how serendipitous life is?

Bob from Oklahoma calls in. Vinnie believed he was Per Wickstrom, which was a mistaken belief held by others who called in to warn Vinnie. After the first two callers, can you blame Vinnie from not trusting Bob. Turns out Bob’s son went through Narconon years ago…and the son is now a Scientologist. By the way, how many patients become Scientologists is the most important stat collected by Narconon.

A great show. Thanks again, Vinnie, for keeping on them and making a difference in so many people’s lives.

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17 Comments on “Beneath the Planet of Vince Daniels and Stone Hawk”

  1. Unknown PTS Says:

    Thanks Mark, but videos 3 and 4 both stop at about mid-point.

  2. XENU TV Says:

    I don’t know what to tell you, PTS. I just played Part 4 all the way through with no problem.

    Maybe I need to drop YouTube and just rely on GoogleVideo but they are going to switch all the videos over to YouTube soon anyway.

  3. XENU TV Says:

    I just played Part 3 all the way through with no problem as well.

  4. Jerry Says:

    The video stopping midway has happened before with my computer as well (primarily the Lisa McPherson video), but I think it has more to do with the internet connection and computer. When this happens I clear out the temporary files on my computer and try again, sometimes it works, other times it takes a few tries. Hope that helps.

  5. Jerry Says:

    Sorry, I submitted the last comment before thanking Mark for all his work to get all these videos up and in one place.

    Mark, ya done good!

  6. Unknown PTS Says:

    Sorry for complaining Mark, I do appreciate what you do. I’ll try what Jerry suggests.

  7. Gentle Soul Says:

    I just tried to play the 2nd video through for the 2nd time. Each time it turned my computer off at the point where they were discussing the contract that the lady was told to sign in order for his parents to get their refund

  8. Gentle Soul Says:

    I now tried to watch the 3rd video. My computer turned off in the middle of the video. I had just cleaned out my temporary files, so I know it’s not that. It was a very good show yesterday and I actually heard this part yesterday. The part that I missed and wanted to hear was the 2nd video. I’ll try back later and see if it works better then. I appreciate your efforts on trying to put it up here for all to listen to.

  9. XENU TV Says:

    I’m wondering if the problem is the space you have available on your hard drive? As the videos play, they are downloading the file into a temp folder on your c drive. Is your c drive nearly full?

  10. Ray Says:

    I just had the same problem of the video stopping in the middle. I use Firefox, so I tried IE : I could watch the whole thing. I don’t know if it’s coincidence or meaningful. Try switching browser to load the youtube videos, worked for me.

  11. Unknown PTS Says:

    That could be my problem too Ray. I’ll (reluctantly) try using IE.

  12. jane Says:

    Bob from GlenDale was per wickstrom.

  13. jane Says:

    Bob from Glendale went through the program and praises it. He is a Scientologist and admits it. Good for you Bob. Be proud. By the way, Glendale is another stronghold of Scientology. I lived there for many years before I started researching the group. See how serendipitous life is?

    I an 100% sure it is per I have worked with him for years. And he admits he is a Scientoligst because he is. It was a plug for the stonehawk program. Vince need to run the bob from glendale tape again and compair it to the voice of per.

  14. Pamela Robinson Says:

    You may not believe what I am about to tell you but everyword is my opinion and its the truth. I have a freind in San Diego whose dad ia being called and bugged about putting my freind in the watsonville facility. we have been having so many discussions about this place that I had to check it out online. I am VERY psychic and this is no joke: I had 2 dreams about this place (Narconon) without realizing it at first until I saw some pics of some of the facilities. The pics I saw online are the same facilities I saw in my dreams, and the feelings I am getting from being inside their facility in my dreams , was not nice, it was weird, like scary weird . From what I saw in my dreams and the feelings I got while in them ,and even now, very much suggest a CULT situation , to me, behind a rehab front , where they make you “Tow the line” so to speak and if you dont do so , woe to you what could happen, kind of like a ” you go in and if you are lucky, and obey us, and conform to our way of thinking, you may get out one day. This is reminding me of that wacked guy that had that CULT in texas I think and he convinced a whole lot of poeple to kill themselves. This is a warning: You all can make your own choice whether you want to do this program or not, but if I were you, I would stay very far away from this organization and pick some other place. I see a bunch of shiesters who are trying to conive honest people out of their money , trying to bs them into becoming members of their false reliegon (Cult) and using their rehab sham as a front for the cult organization . I think they are probably twisted in their thinking and probably are into mind control tactics and things like that. I think the whole operation worldwide needs to be shut down pernanently. I have some real bad feelings about this worldwide organization … If you would like to respond to my comments , feel free to email me at :

  15. […] No connection to Scientology? Unbelievable. It is Scientology through and through. Listen to the last Vince Daniels show. The patients reveal that the same training routines are used, the same BS Hubbard policies of […]

  16. Mr. Ogson Says:

    Of course NarCONon is a giant scam, they’ve been ripping people off for years, lying to the public about their ‘successes’, and trying hard to infiltrate various levels of society.
    Its a scam based on an even bigger one, that created by LRon Hubbard, a drug addled sociopathic charlatan whose greed was his own demise, to die with his ass full of tranqs while on the run (for over 7 years)from numerous gov’t agencies, not the least of which was the French gov’t which sentenced him to 4 years imprisonment in absentia (he ran like the woman-beating paranoid drunk he was).
    Aside from their few successes, Narconon grossly inflates their success rate (independantly rated at around 7%, far less than people seeking no treatment at all), claiming 70+%. All lies, and very expensive ones for those foolish enough to let any of their loved ones get sucked into this den of incompetant thieves and shysters.
    Even costlier for so many of their victims.
    Go look it up for yourselves, its all out there.
    Pure, unmitigated, scam.

  17. Narconon has facilities in Battle Creek? Talk about repeating history! (See Battle Creek’s other famous quack factory, the Battle Creek Sanitarium, famously depicted in T.C. Boyle’s “The Road to Wellville”.)

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