BBC Radio 1 Innoculates UK Youth

My sweet Magooski appeared in a radio documentary on BBC Radio1 today. Segment one starts with asking people in the street what they know about Scientology, then it’s on to an inside trip through St. Hill.

First lie from the official spokesperson from Scientology: George Orwell was the one who said “if you really want to make a fortune, start a religion,” not L. Ron Hubbard. Read more.

There’s talk of former lives and a denial of OTIII. Why do Scientologists lie to reporters? They are trained to.

Segment two has the host speaking to critics including Tory and Bonnie Woods. He gets the straight poop and then goes back to the Org. What happens next? Listen to the show and find out.

And Fair Game is fiction, just made up by someone? They’re right. It was made up by L. Ron Hubbard and used to destroy the lives of those who speak out about Scientology fraud and abuse.

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12 Comments on “BBC Radio 1 Innoculates UK Youth”

  1. lgattruth Says:

    Good stuff. I’m sure you’ve probably seen this already, but it is an interesting report:

    Disputed inmate program wants millions
    KRQE News 13
    Albuquerque, New Mexico

  2. Truthseeker Says:

    This is really good with the links.

    Thanks for putting the radio show on here so I and others could listen. It was a good show. I hope a lot of people tune in and come onto this site for the links. These links are quite informative.

    It’s interesting to me that the church staff are trained to lie when Scientology is supposed to be the road to truth, according to L Ron Hubbard – I heard him talk about it on a tape. I had several friends who did OT III and some OT Levels above that who verified the story about the body thetans – they were good friends who did not lie to me. I feel sorry for the people in Scientology who feel they have to lie about it. I think it’s pretty bad when a church requires that the paritioners lie on purpose.

  3. Stewart Says:

    WOW – Scientology sounds absolutely amazing. This guy was not married, didn’t have a family and now, 15 years later, he is married and has a kid!!!

    It is a miracle – there is no other word to discribe it.

    Where do I sign up

  4. This is a great show indeed. I wonder how the scientologists (I’ve been one of the highest levels and a patron and founder of one of their fraudulous profit centers) can lie soooo much.
    See the contradictions of scientology: they pretend to go to spiritual freedom, but are incredibly materialistic, they have statitics all over their lives, so as to “measure” their “progresses” – specially on such topics as how much money.

    They call scientology spiritulaist, but this “spirit costs… $400000 for one person, and 7 other levels are not yet delivered and sold!

  5. Truthseeker Says:

    My first course in Scientology was the Communication Course in the early 70’s. It was a beneficial course to me at that time. Later on in the early 80’s they came out with another communication course which replaced the old one and it was called Success Through Communication and I took that course – for me it was not good – it trained a person in how to be evasive – how to evade a question and avoid being truthful – this made me very uncomfortable. There were also drills on the course that made me feel like my mind was being scrambled – I couldn’t understand the value of doing these drills. I disliked the course so much that I quit – I never finished it. I thought it was awful – it had a bad effect on me. I never understood why they took what I considered to be a good basic course and changed it into something which I considered to be very negative. I never liked the fact that the course taught people to be evasive – it seemed so dishonest to me. At that time, I had no idea of all the lies and deceit and corruption that went on in the inner workings of the church. I believed (falsely) what I was told as a public person, by the staff, those things that were designed to keep me involved in the church and paying for more services. Later on, from things I saw and experienced, I came to the conclusion that the church was only interested in making money and the eventual control of society and the planet and didn’t give a hoot about anybody achieving “spiritual freedom”, so there was no longer any need to stay and give them my money for nothing.

    I think it’s a shame that L Ron Hubbard took advantage of so many people that wanted to make a better world and used them for his own monetary gain.

  6. varunbhat Says:

    nice article!!!!

  7. David Says:

    This was not a good radio show. The reporter did not touch on any of the deep issues and seemed unwilling to do so almost putting words in the Scientologists mouth before they spoke at one point playing down the negative side.

    Why did he not refer to the publically available documents where Fair Game is revealed as an official policy ( LRH ) and then only dropped in name ( but not policy )?

    Why did he not mention that the church uses copyright and trademark laws to prosecute anyone and anything that hold information public?

    Why did he not cover some of the court documents that prove high pressure harrassment and provocation techniques?

    Why did he not press home the scientologist who denied disconnection existed and then went onto cite examples where a disconnect would occur ( almost word for word definition of an SP )?

    Why did he not question the figure of 800 pounds a year “less than my gym membership” figure as to what you actually got for that figure.

    Why did he not say that Britain does not recognise Scientology as a religion.

    All fundamentals. It was incredibly poor, but then it was Radio 1, a Radio 4 documentary would have been more thorough, more balanced and would have fit a lot more of the “pros and cons” ( which the presenter claimed the programme had, but not one pro or con was cited! ) into 30 minutes.

    A pointless waste of taxpayers money and didn’t innoculate anyone against anything.

    Still, thank you for the link.

  8. Les Hemmings Says:

    It wasn’t George Orwell, it was Hubbard who said that; “Writing pulp at a penny a word is a mugs game, if you want to make real money then start a religion!”

    Orwell did say, however, “Speaking the Truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” This is much more applicable to the lies and deceit pedalled by $cientology.

  9. jameswillisisthebest Says:

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    just saying HI

  10. BestHelen Says:

    I have found what i was looking for !!! thx )

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