Vinnie Has Stone Hawk Cornered

BROADCAST DATE: February 17th, 2007

The Many Moods of Vince Daniels Vince Daniels devoted the bulk of his radio show today to Scientology’s Narconon Stone Hawk drug rehab front group in Battlecreek, Michigan. It was a terrific show with people who were speaking out against their treatment at the facility for the first time. Vince even managed to get the executive director of the facility, Kate Wickstrom, and her husband, Per Wickstrom, on the show for a brief segment as well as Patty Pieniadz who ran Narconon Connecticut before leaving Scientology this past year.

Skip forward to about nine minutes in on this video to get to the start of the Scientology/Narconon material.

Here’s an earlier segment from the program featuring an expert from a non-scientology drug rehab program explaining how a non-abusive facility operates.

Segment one features Kimberly Darr and Sheri Koenig. Kimberly’s fiancée, Dave Bowser, left Stone Hawk recently but Sheri’s fiancée, Daryl, still remains in the Narconon program.

Part two features the comments of David Bowser who has been out of the program for a week and Melissa Kasey who left the Narconon program just hours before this show. Melissa’s mother, Lynn, also appears.

Part three is a little frustrating because they managed to get the Wickstroms on the show, including an angered Per who felt it important to pick up the extension suddenly and chime in, but there’s a bit more heat than information. It’s best to just get these Scientologist on the record answering questions than to take them on with heated exchanges. These are, after all, people who have been trained in bullbaiting.

The final segment is far too short. Patty Pieniadz talks about her experiences running Narconon Connecticut and working for Scientology’s dirty tricks division in the Office of Special Affairs. Hopefully she can be back for a full hour soon. She has a lot of info to share.

This was a great show and my thanks go out to Vinnie for continuing to tackle the subject. Already they have been digging up information on the guy and trying to smear him on the net. The frantic attempts to stop people from appearing on this show is a clear indication of how worried Scientology is about The Many Moods of Vince Daniels.

Here’s an earlier segment from the program featuring an expert from a non-scientology drug rehab program explaining how a non-abusive facility operates.

Keep it up, Vinnie. You’re helping a lot of people.

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41 Comments on “Vinnie Has Stone Hawk Cornered”

  1. Desert Rain Says:

    It was a GREAT show.
    Thanks Vince and Patty.

    To the victims that spoke out today, I admire your courage and I believe
    you will find a way to make Narconon understand what they are doing is so wrong.

    Filing a complaint with,1607,7-132-27417_27647—,00.html

    Medical Malpractice and Class Action Lawsuits

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  3. tekrat Says:

    The third video has been pulled from YouTube already.

  4. lgattruth Says:

    Wow, great job Mark, you really got that video up there fast!

    Apparently Vince Daniels is going to have some more callers on next week’s show as a follow-up to the Narconon thing…

  5. XENU TV Says:

    I don’t think it’s been pulled. I haven’t been notified of it being pulled and I have Vinnie’s permission.

  6. XENU TV Says:

    It says it’s still processing at YouTube. I’ll try uploading again if it isn’t available soon.

  7. Concerned Says:

    Geat work Mar Bunker. Your site gets plenty of traffic and you posting Vince’s programme IS a public service. It should be of grave concern that something as dangerous as the “Purif’ is used at all, let alone on addicts in recovery. What will it take before this scientology front gruop narCONon is dismantled , death? Why arent the relevent authroities investigating these instances? Do people need to DIE before something is done?

  8. Unknown PTS Says:

    Hey Mark. Is there any chance Vinces stuff will find a home on

  9. XENU TV Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone. As for this stuff going onto XENU TV, I’m working on how best to revamp the site. A complete redesign in long overdo and these two sites have to be united.

  10. Kerry Says:

    Thanks Mark!! I’ve put it on our board.

    Chalkboard Scientology section

  11. Desert Rain Says:

    The picture at the top of the WOG BLOG of Vinie doesn’t take you to Vince Daniels show. It takes you to what looks like where you (Mark) would sign in to make changes to your blog. Just thought you’d like to know.

  12. XENU TV Says:

    Thanks Desert. It didn’t appear to have a link at all in the editing-mode of the page so I’be now out a link to Vince’s site there. I appreciate the heads-up.

  13. Unknown PTS Says:

    Part two won’t even load, and part three stops playing in the middle. Just letting you know Mark.

  14. XENU TV Says:

    Anyone else having these problems? Part two started fine for me and I’m letting part three play through now.

  15. Hubbard is a conman Says:

    first part is not loading for me or a buncha other people 😦

  16. Sandra Woodard Says:

    The first Video says “this video is not available”. The others were great!!! Thanks for putting this up.

  17. Greetings, citizens of Teegeeack! I heartily approve of this radio program, and I am pleased to see find humanoids such as yourselves furthering the betterment of mankind.

    CONTINUE to praise my mighty name, and blessings shall be upon you my children! OBEY ME!


  18. XENU TV Says:

    Well, I am baffled. I played it several times earlier today and it worked fine. I just tried playing it at YouTube and it took a whole minute to start and is playing fine now in the background as I type this. Perhaps because the previous file was named the same, it is confusing YouTube.

    I am going to reupload the first part with a slightly different file name and see if it will work properly. So expect it to be down for another hour or so.

  19. Brian James Says:

    The videos played for me, but had to wait until later in the day to get parts 3 and 4 to stream. Thank you for posting these. I’m quickly becoming a Vince Daniels fan.

  20. RIPODB Says:

    I just watched the first 3 segments, but the 4th one is taking a long time to load.

    Thanks for putting these up so quickly Mark. It was very interesting to find out that Per was trying to silence David Bowser just minutes before the show. I’m very optimistic re Narconon Stonehawke getting its state certification pulled since it appears that several “students” are willing to speak out about the fraud that is Narconon.

    Narconon tried to expand in Sweden, but a recent court decision put an end to that. Narconon Arrowhead tried to expand, but they can’t find a local hospital willing to do detox for them. Now Narconon Stonehawke is getting intense scrutiny because of Vince Daniel’s show. 2007 is already looking like a bad year for Narconon. Let’s hope that all Narconons will be shut down sooner than later.

  21. Unknown PTS Says:

    Here’s another Narconon link of interest. This one actually has the balls to call itself the “best in the rehabilitative industry,” and says it has a 90% success rate.

  22. Tornabrupt Says:

    How has some law firm not seen the value in a class action law suit against Scientology? There are mountains of evidence and front groups to sue, not to mention the church itself. Look at how much trial lawyers profited from the Priest pedophilia scandal. Of course scientolgoy doesn’t have quite the bank roll of the Catholic Church, but still bleeding Scientology dry would be more than a pretty penny for whatever law firm took this on. It seems to me after watching this Narcanon would be an easy target to get the ball rolling. Keep up the good work Mark!

  23. lgattruth Says:

    MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

    “Large doses of niacin can cause liver damage, peptic ulcers, and skin rashes. Even normal doses can be associated with skin flushing. It can be prescribed as a treatment for elevated total cholesterol and other types of lipid disorders, but it should only be used with medical supervision due to its potential for severe side effects.”

  24. betsyl Says:

    I’m new at thisnarconon web stuff. I was in the stonehawk facility in battle creek mi for 4 months and the horror stories are endless. I am interested in the possible class action suit and am speaking to an attorney next week about my records and a refund. I kept quiet for a long time and just steamed everynite until I began roaming the internet. Keep up the good work. There are LOTS of us outthere.

  25. Mark Bunker Says:

    Thanks, for speaking out. Vince Daniels has more on the topic on his show tomorrow. I’ll have it on the blog in the afternoon.

    Best wishes,

    Mark Bunker

  26. Linda Says:

    I need direction on how to get our money back from Stone Hawk. Our son just recently left the program after 3 weeks. I feel the students are set up to fail. They allow the girls and guys to be in the theraputic sauna together for hours a day, and then tell them that they are not to be on contact with one another. Our son left because they pulled them each into different areas, and said they were having unacceptable contact. My son had just called me the day before, and told me how well he was doing. Why in heavens name would you allow male and females with addiction problems to be in sauna together? I also signed a thing on his contract that we were to be called, and he (our son) would be held up to 12 hours until we had time to pick him up. Instead we got a call at 10pm at night, and our son was walking the streets of Battle Creek. They said he signed himself out, and there was nothing they could do. 10pm at night, no money, no cell phone, how responsible is that? If he hadn’t had a phone card, I don’t know how he would have gotten in touch with us. His dad had to drive 3 hours and found him at 2am in the morning outside the hospital (trying to stay in a safe place). I’m furious, and I want our money back, or at least the majority of it. Please point me in the right direction. I know I’m not going to get anywhere with Stone Hawk. Dan Green has yet to return any of my phone calls, and someone said I’d have to talk to Per Wickstrom, but I know I’m going to have the same response.

  27. XENU TV Says:

    Hi, Linda.

    I’m sorry to hear about the deplorable treatment your son received. I’d suggest you contact Professor Dave Touretzky. He may have some suggestions:

    Good luck.

  28. Jacky Says:

    This web site saved my 20 year old son! He was at Stone Hawk in Battle creek for 4 days. He called me and begged me to look into this place. I found this web site and we where there to get him in 3 hours. I wish I would have seen it before. We also are not getting any thing from the people!( That suppose to care) We are lost what to do!

  29. XENU TV Says:

    Hi, Jacky.

    I’m glad I was able to help. Again, I’d suggest Dave Touretzky may be able to offer my advice:

  30. XENU TV Says:

    …more advice, rather.

  31. Jacky Says:

    Thank you!

  32. Tommy Says:

    None of the youtube videos embedded here apparently work anymore. Can you upload them to google video instead? (where you also uploaded the Fishman Deposition) Google seems to allow for higher quality video than youtube anyways.


  33. Tom Says:

    Looks like Scientologists got your youtube account!

  34. […] Battle Creek, MI, a Narconon facility. This is a great interview that all anon should listen to: Vinnie Has Stone Hawk Cornered THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV Keith is a damn hero who unjustly spent time in jail for fighting scientology. This is a great […]

  35. anonsc Says:


  36. Chris Says:

    I sent my son to Narconon Arrowhead in 2004. I was sold a bill of goods. I was promised that he would be there for a minimum of 6 months and most likely a year. After getting my $30,000, Narconon sent him home in 2 1/2 months. I was told he was a star student and had graduated when in reality he had snuck out and bought some beer. When I asked them for the contract he signed, they could not “locate” it. He would not take him back after his relapse on beer (he was initially a heroin addict when sent there) they required $10,000 more which I did not have. My son is currently in prison for his addiction and they were not interested in honoring their promises. They took a desperate parent in a desperate situation and they took the money and ran. At the time I sent my son Narconon had not been forced to acknowledge that they were affiliated with Scientology. Since he attended, the court ordered them to reveal that they were Scientology based. My son returned so glassy-eyed and strange, I almost didn’t know him and he relapsed soon after coming home. I chose this facility over many others because of their trumped up success rate and the fact that they were much longer than a 90 day program. Boy was I ripped off!!!!

  37. Kayla Says:

    Kate Wickstrom and her partner in crime jai are now running the Cedars rehab in Manistee, MI. they think ALL addicts are liars. My husband found that the staff are the liars. He was there and had to leave before they did further harm. Just beware!

  38. DAVID Says:

    I dont know what these problems are or why they are. i had a very effective rehab program done in 2001 and am still living a sober productive life thanks to narconon arrowhead in ok.

  39. a Says:

    Yeah, but David…now you’re a scientologist, aren’t you? With an email like, you must be.

    Patty Pieniadz, former ED of Narconon Conneticut, had this to say:
    “I can emphatically and truthfully state that they only people that completed the Narconon program and “stayed off drugs” were those that became Scientologists. It was always one of those never written about but completely understood by Narconon staff, that unless the person became a Scientologist and did the Scientology Drug Rundown, then there was really little chance that they guy would permanently stay off drugs. The unwritten final step of the Narconon program was to acknowledge you were a Scientologist. At that point, you were considered to be rehabilitated, but up until you acknowledged that you wanted to be a Scientologist and study Scientology it was considered that you probably revert.”

  40. l burke Says:

    I was at stonehawk 6 years ago in december thru april i still am amazed i survived that place.filthy conditions were the minor problems.staff using drugs girls being taken to court then to bars to be passed around to men. after lying to your family and taking your money they use the fact that your in a position where nobody believes the addict . i thank all the parents who helped their kids get out. i had to play along and it was hell .nobody i talked to stayed clean after being released.and yes all those crazy classes and the gross tactics are true. thank god for my liver i spit the niacin out when it got they told me to swallow 1000 mlgs.i have been sober for 5 yrs but i honestly still cant belive that hellish question is why is this place still open? to kate and her crazy ex-hsband per i pray karma really is a bitch.

  41. Dawn Says:

    My name is Dawn. I sent my 17 year old son to a place in Manistee Michigan for drug rehab. The place is called Best Drug Rehabilitation Center. I was told many, many lies about this place. I was told they had a success rate of 75-80%. I was told it was a juvenile facility. There was nothing about Scientology ever mentioned. My son ran away after 7 days because of the conditions, and the fact that they were trying to brainwash him into scientology. They charged me $21,500 plus $2,600 for the interventionist. I believe this
    place to be Narcanon with a different name. This place (I find out later) has only been up and running for 9 months. How can they make claims of success when they have only been up and running for 9 months?I am trying to
    find others who have been deceived by this place, or an attorney who has dealt with this, and been successful before. This place, and others like it need to be exposed.

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