17 Days

Lisa McPhersonAs Kristi Wachter reminds us, this would have been Lisa McPherson’s 48th birthday had she not died while being held captive for 17 days in Scientology’s Fort Harrison Hotel.

This past week, I have been posting more video onto YouTube, including several important shows on Lisa.

This “48 Hours” episode was one of the earliest shows I made available on the web, back in 1998.  It predates the birth of my website XENU TV.   It is also one of the broadcasts which made me determined to speak out about the abusive nature of Scientology.

The following three shows from “Inside Edition” are also important. The show had a reputation of being tabloid and light-weight but these reports prove otherwise.  They stayed on Scientology’s ass and uncovered some important information, showing along the way how callously Scientology could treat one of their members and how casually they could lie to a reporter.

Lisa McPhersonKristi has updated her website on Lisa McPherson. It would be a good time to drop by her site, check out the information and drop Kristi a note of thanks for all she has done to research Scientology and document their fraud and abuse.

I also have many other shows on Lisa over at my website, along with links to Jeff Jacobsen’s site, court documents from the trials and more.

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4 Comments on “17 Days”

  1. lgattruth Says:

    May her shocking tale and the harrowing events that followed never be forgotten.

  2. Ray Says:

    Despite what happened to Lisa on Scientology’s “Introspection Rundown,” and instead of learning a valuable lesson by modifying its policies on members suffering mental breakdown, the Church of Scientology decided to have its members sign a release form in advance, in order to protect the church from being held accountable in the event of another Lisa McPherson case. This is what the Church of Scientology learned from this. They would not dare to consider that Hubbard’s ‘tech’ is flawed. See http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~dst/Scientology/ReleaseForms/Introspection.html

  3. TAMI Says:


  4. Jim Wyatt Says:

    According Etheric Warriors.com members and the Founder, FBI, CIA, MK Ultra agents
    will commit crimes in the interest of national security and SCN security and, Who was driving the vehicle that ran into Lisa’s if not an Agent working for SCN, who did not want Lisa to be taking their meal ticket away? An Introspection Rundown must be supervised properly according to Hubbard (or it gets [[all fucked up]] more complicated. According to DTMSMH (Dianetics) an impact that overwhelms the mind will cause the analytical mind to shut down, leaving a subconscious mind in charge and it “thinks” it’s the only one there anyway, will try to preserve the body, period. Mind Control Towers have been erected all over the world starting in 1958; we are told they are “cellphone towers” a BIG LIE. those towers transmit thoughts to everyone and you gotta be mentally strong to not assume that the thoughts are yours when they are not. Take off your clothes, ask for help, be and stupid, ask for help, Car accident = impact = analytical mind shut down = subconscious recording everything and playing it out of sequence. The Church should have known that “Anaten” minds are only 1/2 conscious and NO Introspection Rundown should come first as a person in shock needs emergency ward care first and the appropriate place would have been the hosp 45 minutes up the road. Not what they did. If I were family I’d sue them for Wrongful Death, Wrongful Treatment of an unwell person, negligence and down right carelessness and, $1,000,000,000.00 Dollars . Ex-Scientologist and very glad so.

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