Meet Me In St. Louis, Screwy.

Scientology is taking their madness on the road with a traveling exhibit about those evil psychs who Hubbard believes were behind all the ills of the world since the dawn of time.  Here is a report from Missouri, the latest stop on their “Stop the Madness…Choose Our Madness Instead” tour.

I remember going into the Org in Los Angeles back in 1998 or ’99 and getting my own private late nite screening of Orientation.  They had some young teenage boy babysitting me while they rounded up a projectionist.  As we made small talk, the kid starts talking to me about evil psychs. 

He asks me “You know the Salem witch trials?” 

I replied, “Yes.”

“That was the psychs who did that,” he informed me.

I told him that there were no psychiatrists back in that era and he responded, “No, not the psychs…I meant the pharmaceutical companies.” 

I gently broke it too him that he was wrong historically with that theory as well. 

It is sad that this is the type of education which Sea Org kids get.  They are brainwashed from a young age to buy all the crap that L. Ron Hubbard could conjure up.

My thanks to good friend Shirley Jean Wilson for digging up this video.

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3 Comments on “Meet Me In St. Louis, Screwy.”

  1. Trams Says:

    So here they are again pointing there crooked finger at the psychiatrist again who do so mch better work. I believe with all my heart that they are reaching at the buttom of their quest and it don’t look good. I see the time is coming for the big get away when little david’s card wont work any more. Their so call pr is looking pretty sad and bad for they are getting back what they put out,hate and greed with their lies and screts.My hope is more and more people open their eyes and see again than go to the exist door and leave.

  2. Chapingo Says:

    The CCHR is a dangerous hate filled well financed group of superstious idiots. It if a manifestation of LRHs denials of his own insanity. When idiots come together and are taught to accept the absurd their ability to commit atrocitys is enhanced and sure to follow.

  3. Trams Says:

    I’ve got to say one more thing about their citizen commission to human rights, its their control plot to suck in the rights of others their ploy to control the masses.

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