If Only This Were True

There’s not a snowballs’ chance in Xenu’s Mountainside Prison that this is true but the rumor is popping up on a lot of sites today:

Posh’s alien encounter
She’ll star in Tom Cruise’s film

18 December 2006

Weirdest story of the day: Victoria Beckham is going to star as an alien’s bride in a Scientology film paid for by Tom Cruise. Yep.

The film, The Thetan is Tom Cruise’s idea, but he couldn’t get any of the Hollywood studios to back it – so he’s paying for it himself.

And Tom, who’s seen Posh in Spice World, reckons she has ‘comic genius’ and is perfect for the part of an alien leader called a thetan, which scientologists believe is an immortal spiritual being present in all humans. Nice.

A source said: ‘Victoria is really hoping to make a go of it in Hollywood.

‘This could be the perfect start for her.’

That would eclipse “South Park” as the most important media piece to exposing the public to the looniness of Scientology.

 Please, Tom, consider making the movie!

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3 Comments on “If Only This Were True”

  1. I don’t know about anyone else, but if they actually put this movie out, I am SO there. It would be the funniest thing EVER!

    Hey, if anything else, it would definitely do better than Battlefield Earth…


  2. Peter Schilte Says:

    I wonder if Victoria realises that she is supporting the most dangerous and inhumane cult on the planet.
    It shows one thing: you don’t have to be smart to be famous.

  3. Trams Says:

    Hey , I saw a thatan the other day, It communicated words I’ve never heard before, and as it spoke I could hear it say , Xenu is coming back to even the score. Hovering up , up in the air, throwing energy beams everywhere, I could see by its stare , this thatan has alot to bare. I said now you have bought into hubbards lies , your gonna have to open up your thatan eyes, seeing this truth will make you wise , instead being over whelm with hubbard’s surpraise . When I finnished speaking to her or him , it began to flow out a grin , I even walked away feeling better within , a truly free thatan oh what a win. If they do make this movie called Thatan it will show the true colors of this so called church of scientology. More bad pr.

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