The Modern Science of Mental Cruelty: Take Two

I made a post a while back which included erronious assumptions.   I had read this article about a psychotic 26 year-old woman who had stabbed her mother to death in 2005 and was recently sentenced for the murder.   An anonymous responder to that post correctly pointed out that I leapt to conclusions which can’t be supported. 

In brief, Nicola Edgington, 26, stabbed Marion Edgington, 60, nine times after a row during what was supposed to be a family reunion.   In the course of the article, it was described how Edgington had made her way to Scientology’s St. Hill Org on the evening of the murder.  That coupled with Edgington’s extreme aversion to psychiatric care led me to assume she was a Scientologist. 

This does not appear to be the case and I apologize for not taking more care with the post.  Thanks go to the talkbacker for setting me straight.

Which brings us to a well documented case which covers the same sad territory.  Last month, CBS broadcast a very well done documentary on the tragic death of Scientologist Elli Perkins.  She and her husband raised their family as devout Scientologists.  The eldest son, Jeremy, was in desperate need of psychiatric care which the family refused to provide.  Jeremy wound up stabbing his mother 77 times.

The sad fact is that Scientology’s bizarre assault on psychiatry keeps members away from the very care they need. Hubbard himself reached out for psychiatric care in the 40s.

Psych Letter

There was a man who could have used the help.

However, when the psychiatric community called his book, Dianetics, hooey they became Hubbard’s enemy number one.

What’s worse is that the slow altering of reality for people in Scientology can lead to psychotic breaks. Stacy Brooks wrote a great essay about auditingback at the LMT in 2001. Sitting in a room by yourself for years doing solo auditing on some of the upper levels, levels in which your entire perception of reality has been undermined, has got to cause many psychotic breaks.

Solo auditing was always bizarre for me. Sitting in the room all alone, holding both cans in one hand, watching the E-meter dial for a read that would tell me where my next BT was – I only got a few reads during my OT 3 auditing. You get to attest to OT 3 Completion when you can’t find any more BTs. Well, I attested very quickly, glad to be done with this strange auditing level. I was ready to move on to something else.

To my great dismay, I discovered that the rest of the Bridge to Total Freedom was all about BTs, BTs, and more BTs.

OT 4 is the OT Drug Rundown, during which you locate BTs who have been affected by drugs. You have to get each BT to zero in on the particular drugs that caused the problem and audit those drugs out until the BT can blow.

On each of these levels you are assured that you have gotten rid of all your BTs. You attest to being free of all BTs and you are really happy to have rid yourself of all the little parasitic creatures. Then you route onto your next level and you are told, “Actually you do have more BTs. We just didn’t want to tell you until you were ready to hear it.”

The day before you were perfectly certain that you were free of the little disembodied thetans. Now you suddenly discover that in fact you have millions more; you just weren’t aware enough to perceive them until now.

OT 5 is Audited New Era Dianetics for OTs, or Audited NOTs for short. On NOTs you learn that everything is made up of BTs. EVERYTHING. Your toes, your thoughts, your love for your daughter, the moon, your fork, your shoes, your teeth, your bones, your molecules – literally everything – is made up of BTs.

You have an auditor with you for Audited NOTs. Your auditor tells you to locate another BT and ask it, “What are you?” You do this silently, and the BT then answers your question, silently, of course. As I said before, it can answer literally anything. It might say, “your third fingernail on your left hand,” or it might say, “your refrigerator,” “the light bulb,” “the anger you’re feeling toward your mother,” anything. The rug, the window pane, the North Star, a Kleenex. Remember, what’s true for the preclear, or pc, is what is true, and now the pc is the BT. You never invalidate the pc.

You get the BT to keep answering the question, “What are you?” until the auditor can tell by meter read that the BT has given you the right answer. Then you are told to ask the BT another question, “Who are you?” When the BT answers, “I’m me!” it causes the needle on the E-meter to fall dramatically and the BT blows.

Again, you audit OT 5 until you can’t find any more BTs. You attest to having no more BTs, and then you go onto Solo NOTs. First you do OT 6, which is the Solo NOTs Auditing Course. On it, you learn how to audit your own BTs on the NOTs processes.

Then you begin OT 7, Audited NOTs. On this level you sit in an auditing room all alone, holding both cans in one hand, locating BTs by meter read, and auditing your BTs on the NOTs commands, “What are you?” and “Who are you?” just as I described above, until they blow. The way you know when a BT has blown, by the way, is that your needle starts to float on the dial, signifying that there is nothing there any more. You will continue to find BTs and audit them until your body begins to look translucent, signifying that all of your BTs are gone.

By now you know that the entire physical universe is composed of BTs. You know that the reason it is so important to get everyone on the planet into Scientology and on the Bridge to Total Freedom is that it will take every single person auditing all day long, every day, for many, many years, to audit out all the body thetans that compose the physical universe. You now share the most important secret of all, because only now that you are on OT 7 do you know that the true goal of Scientology is to make the physical universe disappear.

Scientology aims to “make the able more able.”  Those are the people who they hope will spend more money on courses and auditing.  Those who are not “able” are on their own.

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2 Comments on “The Modern Science of Mental Cruelty: Take Two”

  1. Pedro Lee Says:

    Thank you so much for this! I have always had suspicions about Scientology. There can be no doubt that it is not a religion but only designated that since it’s science can not be proven ever.
    Somewhere between the free personality test and OT levels, you are put on a bridge to nowhere and a hefty toll bridge it is. The e-meter is part of the con that involves neuro associative conditioning peer pressure and lots and lots of money. L Ron Hubbard is dead and the new terror is David Miscavige a puny tyrant reincarnated Napoleon Bonaparte.

  2. Sue Mee Says:

    David Miscavige may only be the size of a long drinking straw but give him credit for lasting longer than Napoleon did with only a thimbleful of his talent. Some of the stories recently circulating about his bullying brutality compare him more accurately with the sadism of Stalin.

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