Republicans = Scientologists

So says comedian Bill Maher whose HBO show “Real Time” is a treat each Friday night. This is what Maher had to say today on the Huffington Post Blog:

One of the tenets of Scientology is that anyone who criticizes the religion is fair game for any and all kinds of retribution. You can file lawsuits against them, you can harass them, you can spread lies about them, and it’s OK because the critic is fundamentally evil.

This is the same reason Republicans have no problem running push polls, or handing out leaflets with false accusations, or calling Dems and telling them that their polling place has been changed… all this dishonest, sleazy stuff is OK because it’s in the service of a greater good.

You can read his full blog here. I don’t always agree with the man but I enjoy his show very much.  I love it whenever someone like Maher or the South Park guys know more about Scientology than, “Isn’t that the one Tom Cruise talks about?” More and more people are becoming informed.

Thanks Mr. Internet.

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3 Comments on “Republicans = Scientologists”

  1. John Smith Says:

    Bill O’Reilly, who hosts Fox’s “O’Reilly Factor” has a new buzz phrase. It seems that “liberal” isn’t perjorative enough, so he’s coined the term “Secular Progressive,” naturally abbreviated to “SP.” Perhaps you can imagine how hilarious it is to hear him rant about how the “anti-religious SPs” are destroying the country’s traditional values….

  2. sammy316 Says:

    This is truly unfortunate. Why would you alienate potential allies in the name of “Republican Derangement Syndrome”. I for one am a “I-Con” or Independent Conservative. We tend to stay out of social issues(ie: abortion, marriage etc…). But when I started researching the CoS I was appalled and I feel action is necessary.

    I for one am some what put off by the negativity conservatives receive at CoS protests. You know, we are Americans too and some of us totally support what you are doing.

    If you feel you have to lump us all into some monolithic group of boogeymen I guess thats on you, but its really too bad some cannot set aside political differences to battle a very real danger in our own back yards.

    BTW, O’Reilly is hardly a conservative. Just a egotistical blowhard.

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