Vince Daniels In a Fine Mood

BROADCAST DATE:   November 4th, 2006

The Many Moods of Vince DanielsMy friend Tory appeared again on the radio show, “The Many Moods of Vince Daniels.” She talks about her experiences as a 30 year member of Scientology and the pain families endure from Scientology’s policies. You can see her first appearance at XENU TV.

Following Tory on the show was a segment featuring Professor David Touretzky and Greg Beha whose son was admitted to Scientology’s drug rehab program, Narconon. After making a disparaging remark about L. Ron Hubbard, Greg’s son was kicked out of the program and dumped at a seedy motel with a ten dollar bill. Mr. Beha is attempting to get a refund from Narconon.

There are few people who can explain the fraud and abuse at the core of Scientology better than Dave Touretzky. His many sites about Scientology are among the best on the web.

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7 Comments on “Vince Daniels In a Fine Mood”

  1. Kerry Says:

    Thank you so much for posting these, Mark. We have a fixed Xenu TV thread on our Scientology chalkboard for all your fantastic work.


  2. Trams Says:

    Back in 79 I took the purification run down and I remember one person getting deadly sick almost died. I was young and thought that this program is made for younger folks because she was not the only one getting deadly sick especially after drinking all that vinegar you had to drink made me want to throw up. After taking this program I thought my body was in worse shape than before it really is a reap-off. I even took the TR course called trainning routine course which makes ya feel your hypnotised. My eyes soon open to this scam and me and my wife left without saying goodbye.

  3. RIPODB Says:

    Thanks for putting this interview on your site Mark. I really appreciate everything you do and wish you the best.

  4. […] previous shows, Vince has talked with Greg Beha whose son was dumped in a seedy motel with $10 to his name after […]

  5. […] previous shows, Vince has talked with Greg Beha whose son was dumped in a seedy motel with $10 to his name after […]

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