Take A Flyer

The only time I was ever hit with a Scientology DA flyer was after my first appearance at a picket in Los Angeles back in March of 1999. I had videotaped a picket in honor of L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday. The next day, I got a call from a woman who asked me, “Are you Mark Bunker?’

I replied yes and she told me, “I’m supposed to fear you.”

I broke into uproarious laughter and realized that my neighborhood had been leafleted. We spoke for a good fifteen minutes and filled her in on Xenu and Lisa McPherson and as much as I could. We had a great time sharing information.

DA Flyer

Later that day, I spoke with the policeman who lived upstairs and explained the situation. I told him there was a slight chance, just a very slight chance that Scientology might come and picket my house. Just as I say this we look outside and two Scientologists had arrived to picket. I grabbed my camera and ran out to talk to them.

I put the video up on the web and never had another flyer or picketer in my neighborhood again.

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12 Comments on “Take A Flyer”

  1. Mark:

    I think your WOG BLOG should be perfect. On the right hand side of the page from where the link to this comment submission originated in the section titled CATEGORIES…please remember to put a capital C at the beginning of the word Clearwater, which is not only a proper word BUT you have published with a small C instead.

    Thanks for the video.

  2. xenutv Says:

    See how you can be constructive when you want to?

  3. John Smith Says:

    I try to be constructive.


    Is Edgington a Scientologist or not?

    Follow me to the other page, please.

  4. Der Jaeger Says:

    Nice picture!

    How long did they stalk you to catch you like that? 😉

    Good that your neighbors looked right through that plot to attack you personally and came to you to talk.

  5. Arianna Says:

    Thank you so much for your website, xenutv.com, and for your work at the LMT. You have inspired me to talk to my friends about the dangers of Scientology.
    I think it’s great that you’re actually /not/ a religious bigot — you’ve said on numerous occasions that Scientologists can believe whatever they want, and that’s fine with you. I think that flyers like these show Scientology’s real mission: “It’s not about the message, it’s about the money, and it’s about being able to do whatever we want. If you try to stop us, we’ll screw you. Big time.”
    Plus, the vast majority of your footage is just hilarious — I LOVE Buddy. Especially, which I think you failed to highlight properly, his quote, COPY: “Second Amendment, Freedom of Religion!”
    Last time I checked, the second amendment was the Right To Bear Arms. How ironic.

    Power to you, man. Keep doing your work. I’d love to be able to help any way that I can.


  6. zorro Says:

    hi mark still good to hear about you ,and thanks for posting these hilarious footage I gave your adress around I like your style when you ‘re filming and giving informations ,I use it now in paris ,france
    bravo monsieur
    in france you can get informations in french on

  7. The truth is, Xenu was framed! And soon we’ll be able to prove it.


  8. Will Says:

    Hey Mark, you PWNED those scientologists!

  9. Butterflygrrrl Says:

    This video is great! I loved how you said, “Goodbye, come back!”

    I feel so sorry for Dan. He is obviously uncomfortable being there, but cannot admit it, even to himself.

    He blinks on an abnormally frequent basis. That is actually considered a sign of mental illness. I doubt that he did that before he joined the cult.

    And that other guy, I missed his name. Boy, he took off really fast soon as you mentioned OT III!

    Great job, as usual, Mark!

  10. chapingo Says:

    The Thetans meet the Human. Human 1 Thetans 0. The guy in the rover I wonder if you ever saw him again. Or was he picking up Steve so he would not get pnumonia after hearing the xenu word. Dan drives a white Ford pick up why is it so many jerks choose white ford pickups. I hope ford does not sue me for saying that. 5M69499

  11. norway Says:

    Great job Doctor. Didn’t catch your name in the vid on Youtube, but i think you did a hell of a job in the case of mathr. I don’t knowa lot about Scientology, certainly not the whole history, but i’ve picked up the essencial parts of the organisation. The findings are horrifying and my subjective believe isthat this is an organisation of money-makers on the top with ants doing the ground work and cashening of the money. an’t help myself feeling a bit sorry for the man in your video, but theycertainly has to be stopped. I dont think i’d hve remained so calm in that stuation myself putting you up likethey did… I guess they were trying to destroy yet another reputation but failed big time…..

  12. Mike T. Says:

    Yeah, I felt really bad for the guy what was out with Mark until the end of the video. He seemed in some way like Mark was getting through to him on some level. If he really wasn’t OT yet, I hope that Mark planted a seed in his mind. This seed may start to grow when he reaches OT III and he will actually realize, or begin to realize, that something is wrong. When he sees how much he’s paid and worked for, all to find out what Mark already knew. He might then think about what Mark said, that it’s ridiculous to pay for salvation.

    Another interesting thing was that he asked Mark, “do you think all of those people can pay x amount of money?” I think the answer is of course, NO! So then how in the world does this poor guy think that scientology is going to clear the planet? Even he admits that very few people can afford to pay that kind of money. From what I hear, people start working in the Sea Org to pay for their courses. But they actually end up spending all of their time working and very little to none of it is spent taking courses to “move up.”

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