Putting the Dumb in Freedom

Scientology has just spread a new libelous flyer around Jeff Jacobsen’s neighborhood.  This is an old tactic of Scientology which they’ve used less frequently in recent years but which seems to be making a comeback.  It’s funny how whenever you think perhaps Scientology is reforming, they just prove you wrong with some disgusting behaviour straight from the L. Ron Hubbard playbook.

This flyer is distributed by “Religious Freedom Watch” which is a front group set up by Scientology to smear it’s critics.  It used to be called “The Scientology Parishioners’ League” but that had Scientology in the name.  When people would get a flyer saying “so and so” is  a religious bigot and then saw that Scientology was the “religion” in question, they would tend to giggle and toss the flyer away. 

Thus was born “Religious Freedom Watch.”  High minded.  Sounds socially relevant.  We can all get behind that as Americans.      

That’s the idea behind all of the names of Scientology’s front groups

“The Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights” –  Attacks Psychiatry

“The Concerned Businessmen of America” –  Spreads Scientology material through schools

 “The World Literacy Crusade” – Spreads Hubbard educational materials as recruiting tools

This latest flyer paints a portrait of Jeff that is completely skewed from the reality of who he is.  There are few people who are more generous, kind-hearted or peace-loving than Jeff.  He is a great promoter of Gandhi tech at pickets, insisting that peaceful, non-violent approaches to righting a wrong is the only way to go.

If you read the flyer, you’d get the impression that Jeff is some maniacal madman whose friends are the lowest deviants on the planet.   You’d think that Jeff is a porn impressario who wants to enslave young children in sex rings when not planning the next Oklahoma City bombing. 

That’s what they want you to think.  And that’s why the internet is such an important tool, for you can actually see and hear Jeff for yourself.  Watch this man and see if he looks dangerous to you:

Now Scientology has upped the ante.  They are suggesting…no, they are basically stating flat out that Jeff committed crimes while working years ago in the mental ward of a hospital.  To make the charges stick, they print spooky pictures of Jeff dressed in medical garb. 

These pictures were taken on Hollywood Blvd. last year at a picket in L.A. where Jeff wore the doctor’s smock to point out the horrible death of Lisa McPherson under Scientology’s care.   You can watch my video of the picket and see just how “dangerous” Jeff is”

Another despicable tactic they use is the anonymous slur.  In this case, it is a supposed tell-all, come-clean admission of remorse from a “former co-worker” at the hospital who claims Jeff is deviant and sadistic.  No name is attached.   No way to verify if this person even exists.  

Look at Scientology’s publications.   Very rarely do you ever see a name listed.   They don’t like listing names.   Here it’s all initials.  KR swears by Scientology.   MR loves it.  PW says it changed his or her life. 

My favorite example of this happened while I was living in Clearwater.   Scientologist Mary DeMoss quickly became a star of XENU TV.   She started a front group called the Foundation for Religious Tolerance.  Announced it proudly at a City Commission meeting and then promptly bragged in a Scientology magazine that she was the sole member and she set it up just to attack the LMT.  The quote was attributed to MD!  Hard to trace that one. 

Jeff pointed out the fraud at a later meeting.  No wonder they don’t like him.  And no wonder they hate the internet. 

Hopefully, Jeff will take Scientology to court and get this issue addressed properly.  They can start by calling as a witness the man who claims to be the force behind Religious Freedon Watch, Joel Phillips.  Of course, since he is the boss, he would also be a defendant. 

Jeff has a collection of similar flyers Scientology has used against other critics in the past.  As the St. Pete Times‘ might say, this is just one more way Scientology is unlike any other religion we know.

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7 Comments on “Putting the Dumb in Freedom”

  1. John Smith Says:

    Once again Scientology proves that it can never reform. They get criticized and opposed for factual crimes and abuses against their members, and since those acts are Keeping Scientology Working, reform goes no farther than refining the technology of hiding the evidence and suppressing the cult’s victims’ testimony.

    Meanwhile, and also following Hubbardian tradition, they commit a whole different set of crimes and abuses against their critics and opposition, thus multiplying the criticism and opposition.

    They were home-picketing and flyering Jeff 15 years ago and it didn’t stop him, what makes them think it will now? “We must’ve finally exhausted him?”

    Sometimes I think it must be something elementary, like “As long as charge comes off, continue the processing.” You know what they say, “OSA audits the Fourth Dynamic.”


  2. d e schneider Says:

    see scientology for yourself on the web, and for the truth about psychiatry see citizens comission on human rights also on the web, and if you know someone who needs to get off psychiatric drugs see NARCONON also on the web,If your child or some you know has a child on RITALIN you need to have them see citizens commision on human rights on the web,as RITALIN is in the same family as cocaine oh by the way it’s called kiddie cocaine.

  3. d e schneider Says:

    well lets look at the history on the biggest cult there is :the catholic church and all it’s crimes through the ages lets see: people killed for the position to be top dog (POPE).They killed others who were non beleivers or coercive religion it’s called the CRUSADES.The JESUITS brought columbus back to spain in shackles and had him in jail till the queen freed him .The rack was used to make believers in christ in medieval times.SOUND LIKE A RELIGION YOU BELONG TO? LOOK AT IT’S HISTORY!!USE THE SAME YARDSTICK ON YOUR RELIGION YOU USE ON SCIENTOLOGY OK.WASN’T SOMETHING SAID BY THE LORD ON THE ORDER OF: LET HE WHO IS INNOCENT THROW THE FIRST STONE.

  4. d e schneider Says:


  5. Jerald Says:

    Sure, go ahead and look at every site d e schmisder asks you to look at. Then take a look at Marks site here. See how scientology acts. Look at the videos. Listen to Tory’s story. Check out how scientology behaves.
    Look at everything then decide for yourself. Critics are not afraid if you see it all. Funny how the members of scientology are afraid to tell you the same thng.

    Also talk a look at xeun.net

  6. […] talks about Disconnection and Pat says “We bring families together!”  Tory talks about Joel Phillips and Religious Freedom Watch and Pat has no idea who he is.   Tory calls Pat out on the truth of […]

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