Go Ahead And Toot That Horn

For once, I’m not tooting my own horn but allowing others to do it for me.  Really, it gets so wearying to be constantly telling everyone what a great guy I am.  What a breath of fresh air to have others do so for me.

I got a nice write up from one of the other blogs here and I am going to modestly point you toward it. 

Mr. Bunker is a thorn in the Scientology’s side; because he dares to publish these videos he is making himself a target for intimidation.  He has no doubt been declared a SP, or suppressive person, by the Church of Scientology. An SP is the name given to the enemies of the church, akin to the word infidels, The Church of Scientology grants that these people can be lied to, and that the lives and person of SP’s can be destroyed. 

For his bravery in standing up against the Scientologists, I salute him.

That is obviously one very astute individual.  If you are interested in reading more about how wonderful I am, pop on over here.

My thanks to E.J. Tower and Atheism News whose stated goal is thus:

Atheism News is a newly formed blog dedicated to the collection and compilation of information, videos, stories, and other media related to Atheism, Atheist Foundations, and the persuit of rational skepticism.

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One Comment on “Go Ahead And Toot That Horn”

  1. John Smith Says:

    You really have a great deal to be proud of, Mark. Your contributions to the effort are valuable beyond calculation, and God knows you have saved lives.

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