Scientology On Trial

At least on TV.

Last night, “Boston Legal” dealt with a Scientologist suing his former employer after being fired because of his religion. It’s an interesting time for Scientology. They have been battered by the media so hard this past year that some are now coming to their defense.

First “Nip/Tuck” develops an entire running subplot with cast members joining the group and now “Boston Legal” not only feels free to mention Scientology by name but also to tell the entire story of Xenu and OTIII and go into details on engrams and e-meters. Yes, they aren’t completely accurate but mentioning any of this in a prime time drama before Tom Cruise’s meltdown would have been unthinkable.

I have to say that if I had been on the jury, I would have sided with the Scientologist. They can believe anything they wish. I support their right to believe in Xenu while reserving the right to giggle about it. Beliefs aren’t what bother me. Hiding the beliefs until you’ve been bled dry of all your money or raiding someone’s home because they shared info about those beliefs are what bother me.

It’s a shame they didn’t use an example of a real life trial for the show. Any number of people have sued Scientology for forcing their employees to take Scientology courses. That’s a more interesting dilemma.

Or they could have showed how having Scientology enter a workplace can create real problems such as what happened to the dentists I interviewed in Chicago. They signed up for Hubbard management courses and before long, Scientologists were manning their office and turning things upside down.

But since this show was about a Scientology attorney, perhaps the most interesting angle would have been to use the real life example of attorney Merrell Vanier. Merrell was brought into Clearwater, Florida by Scientology for the express purpose of befriending Gabe Cazares at his country club and convincing Gabe to allow Merrell to handle his case against Scientology. Once Merrell was Gabe’s attorney, he purposely botched the case for Gabe. When this was uncovered, Merrell Vanier was disbarred.

That is a true and shining example of Scientology’s contempt for the legal system.

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5 Comments on “Scientology On Trial”

  1. sam Says:

    It would be nice if Scientologists were really as open about their beliefs as the Plaintiff in the show was. The sad truth is that the church is so tight lipped about their doctrines (which are slowly revealed to the initiate, level by level) that the vast majority of Scientologists have never heard about Xenu or many of the other things the man was fired for discussing.

    Every time these secrets are revealed in the media, it wounds them deeply by turning away potential converts and potentially sparking doubt in the minds of members. I’m sure some who watched this episode will dig a little deeper and discover the scandalous criminal activities of the church; something far more fascinating and bizarre than any TV show.

    For many years, Scientology was able to use the media to spin itself as something good. But now the truth is out. UFO cults and crime syndicates have never survived long under scrutiny. Unfortunately for those in charge of the Church of Scientology, it is both. And no press is good press, anymore.

  2. Trams Says:

    Hi, My name is Sam also and I agree with your observation Sam. I see the fall coming to this crime syndicate they call the church of scientology. I can vision the head of osa little david grabbing all he can and leaveing for safe space to which he will fail. Its hard to believe that I one time believed in hubbard’s tech. I’m very pleased to see the change in the media: with this than maybe the celebrities will have a change of heart about this so call church.

  3. dearxenu Says:

    Keep up the good work Mark, you’ve inspired me to start up my own blog. It’s a good way to vent steam without visiting the $cieno building in Edinburgh!

    Keep sharing your experiences and your views as they are an invaluable tool in thwarting the practices of Scientology.


  4. Lynn Says:

    Hey Mark,

    Thanks for sharing the Boston Legal clip with us. I don’t watch much prime time TV and would have never seen it if not for this blog. I think the clip was F’N AWESOME!! Mark, I totally agree with you in regard to our right to believe whatever we want to believe in. But it’s corrupt, bullying, organizations like scientology that completely abuse good-intended laws like freedom of speech and freedom of religion so they can keep getting away with the horrendous acts that we all know they do – just to for that almighty dollar. I’d also like to comment on how the scientologist was portrayed in this episode. For the first time since I’ve become interested in this cult (under a year), have I realized how victimized the scientologist really is. My concern was always for those who lived on the grounds. The ones with no money and who thought this was all they had for survival. But this video showed me that they can mess up the minds of anyone. Now I see where your passion comes from. Thanks Mark for all you do to expose this evil cult. I do believe you make a difference. Please, keep going!
    Many Regards, Lynn

  5. xenutv Says:

    Hi, Lynn and the various Sams. Thanks for the nice words.

    I started off thinking you had to be nuts to buy into Scientology. As I studied it more and met former members and current members, my thinking changed.

    It’s a pretty impressive machine that Hubbard built. People are looking for answers. Scientology finds your “ruin” as they call it, the vulrnerable spot that they can use to hook you in and then slowly they change your perception of the world. I’ll delve itnto it more on some later post.

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