People are Spreading “The Bridge”

As predicted, the official removal of “The Bridge” from the net is in vain.  People are spreading it far and wide.

The internet is Scientology’s worst nightmare.

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3 Comments on “People are Spreading “The Bridge””

  1. John Smith Says:

    “The internet is Scientology’s worst nightmare.”

    So true. It’s so ironic that L. Ron Hubbard averred, “Communication is the universal solvent.” The Internet is in essence a universal communication system which is rapidly dissolving Scientology!

    In retrospect, it seems inevitable that any advanced civilization anywhere in the cosmos will naturally develop a comparable system, but Hubbard, for all his tales of Galactic Confederations, apparently couldn’t conceive of it. If he had, perhaps he could have foreseen and taken some measures to mitigate the consequences, but ultimately there will be no stopping the public exposure of Scientology, from its sordid beginnings to the irredeemably criminal enterprise it remains to this day.

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