Chip Off The Old Block

I’ve been reconverting the 1982 Clearwater Hearings for Google Video.   Here’s L. Ron Hubbard’s son,  Ron DeWolf.   

Day One

Day Two

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8 Comments on “Chip Off The Old Block”

  1. Trams Says:

    The video looks so much better than before. Is the process in doing what you do take a long time for this to happen? Keep up the good work Mark.

  2. xenutv Says:

    It is time consuming and tends to hog the computer which is why I have been dreading the thought of redoing an entire week’s worth of testimony but I am making progress.

    It’s worth the effort because of the better quality.

  3. Tony Rayo Says:

    Oops, I guess I waited too long to have a go at it =). Regardless, looking great Mark, please keep up the fantastic work. If you still have anything you think I could help with, let me know (I want to rent a beta deck for a day or two before the year is out to convert some old movies… if for some reason you have any footage in that format without a way to capture it to PC, I can convert that footage at the same time).

    – Tony R.

  4. mattbear Says:

    Just wanted to say, thank you for what you are doing. Hopefully, someday, people will be informed enough about CoS that they will not be able to recruit anymore and will cease to exist.

  5. […] caller says the book was written by L. Ron Hubbard Jr. which is inaccurate. He was a co-author of the book but withdrew his co-operation before the book […]

  6. tatertotmxz Says:

    tyvm for what your doing!

  7. Best Home Says:

    This is very nice and informative post. I have bookmarked your site in order to find out your post in the future.

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