No More Mini-Coop

Visitors to my website (XENUTV) know that I have been converting my videos from Real Video to Google Video. It is a long process due to the enormous amount of video which has to be recaptured and re-encoded but the quality of video now possible on the web makes it mandatory that I do so.

The biggest challenge is redoing the entire week’s worth of testimony from the 1982 Clearwater Hearings. I feel it’s perhaps the most important video on my site (but far from the most popular). When I originally encoded the video in 1999, it took me about a month to do. At the time I also had a very flexible schedule which is not the case anymore. I have dreaded starting anew but start anew I must.

Today I began not at the beginning but with the testimony of a remarkable woman, Paulette Cooper. She is the author of “The Scandal of Scientology” which was the first book to take a critical look at the group. Scientology set out to destroy Paulette with covert ops which would only be uncovered when the FBI raided Scientology’s headquarters in 1977. In her testimony, Paulette details the vicious, ugly schemes Scientology used to try to get her jailed, committed to an asylum or to have her take her own life.

I can’t get over how advanced the video technology has become since I started my website. RealVideo was the prevailing format in 1998 and 1999. Windows Media came along after I started but there was little difference in quality between them. I also felt Microsoft was trying to squash yet another innovative, smaller competitor so I was disinclined to switch to them.

Quicktime then came along and brought much greater quality but initially the videos were not able to stream for immediate playback. Plus the file sizes were three times those of the RealVideos and with dialup modems being the norm, it seemed impractical to change.

Suddenly, it’s a whole new video world. Soon, we will look back at this time and think how primative the current standards are. And I mean SOON. I watched a demonstration of a new set top device from Mac a couple weeks ago. It’s called ITV at this time though that may change before it gets released early next year. This box is the size of a mac mini and connects wirelessly to your computer.

The videos you are watching now on this site will be viewable on your livingroom TV. With the Apple remote, you can plop on the sofa, put your feet up and enjoy high quality video on demand from websites and servers all over the world. I for one can’t wait.

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7 Comments on “No More Mini-Coop”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Mark, your hard work is not going unappreciated. I have an older computer (and very poor technical skills) and can only play the newer Google videos on your sight. There are other videos that I’m anxious to see. I’ll make sure I check back regularly and watch them as they are changed to the new format. Thanks again for your hard work.

  2. Thetabop Says:

    Hello Mark:

    I believe that I have viewed every video you have produced and as a result I left Sci. in January of 2006.

    I agree with you that the Clearwater Hearings are the most important yet they were the very last videos I watched because I thought they would be too long and technical. I was amazed at how well everyone presented their case. They were very informative, easily understood and completely fascinating.

    Thank you for all your dedication, creativity
    and professionalism.
    Good luck with your new enterprise…the Wog Blog.

  3. xenutv Says:

    Thank you, Jerry and Thetabop. I’ll keep on converting and posting more as we go along. Its time intensive but worth the effort, especially when I get comments such as yours, Thetabop. I’m glad you found your way out.

  4. zorro Says:

    mark this is such a good work and the I do appreciate the way you do your enquiries and investigations , I did like the first LMT dvd
    hope ither’s going to be a new one pretty soon ,I showed it to friends in france they didn’t believed the cult was so dangerous and they agreed that I had a good action on giving away information in our neighborhod where standsa “celeb’center”
    two of my best comedians friends are still hooked in that filfthy cult
    they don’t speak to me so much lately but I ‘ve got the hope someday the’re going to wake up ,
    bravo mark
    xenuly yours
    le vengeur pas toujours masqué
    (zorro ,the not alltime masked avenger)

  5. xenutv Says:

    Thanks, Zorro. I am working on more DVDs. I’m putting together some special editions with never before seen footage. You should start seeing them soon.

  6. igor Says:


    please, keep ‘somewhere’ REALPLAY formatted files.
    WHY ?

    I was able to watch your movies just because of realplay format. I am using LINUS operating system. MS WMA or Apple Quicktime is NOT very well supported on any UNIX like operating system. Even, GOOGLE video format is not well supported on, for example, Solaris.
    Yes, GOOGLE video format (Flash 7) IS supported on LINUX but Flash 8 is NOT.

    Please keep in mind this small detail


  7. Paulette Cooper’s testimony regarding the Church of Scientology is ONE of the most credible sources of such information available due to the fact that investigatory findings of the FBI related to their inquiry into the Church of Scientology corroborate Ms. Cooper’s story 100%.

    Thank you Mark for making this little piece of New York life a mandatory part of everyone’s collection.


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