What’s German for “Busted”

Scientology is again under close scrutiny by the German government.  This time, they are warning parents and educators about the dangers of Scientology’s educational front groups including Applied Scholastics.

‘Scientology is not a religion. It is a business and its aim is to gain power over individuals and try to brainwash them,’ Beckstein added. ‘We see it as the duty of the state to inform students and parents about the danger of these schools.’

Scientology spokeswoman Sabine Weber said the group was a religious one being persecuted and that fears about tutoring and brainwashing were ‘pure invention’. She said she was aware of only one case of a teacher using tutoring as a means to conversion. ‘This goes against Scientology doctrine,’ she added.

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One Comment on “What’s German for “Busted””

  1. Tilman Says:

    What’s more interesting is that while Sabine Weber now admitted that “she was aware of only one case of a teacher using tutoring as a means to conversion”, in German media she had denied it in the past. The reason may be that one magazine has recently described how a scientologist “educator” used it to push touch assists and auditing on her victim.

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