A Statue for Gabe

In going through my video of Gabe Cazares, I found this video from the Clearwater City Commission Meetings. I speak about Scientology’s use of PI’s and covert Ops and the global assault they were mounting against Bob Minton. In the end, I bring up the suggestion that Clearwater should erect a statue of Gabe and put it in the heart of Scientology’s empire in downtown Clearwater as a reminder of what this group has done to the city.

I stopped by Gabe’s home later in the week and was tickled when he mentioned that he and his wife Velma were at home watching the broadcast of the meeting and were taken by surprise and enjoyed the kind words.  I meant it then and still would like to see that statue appear but the reality is Clearwater will never shake Scientology’s grip over the community, largely because they have stopped trying.

A statue? Gabe deserves it but look how difficult it was to simply place a memorial brick in honor of Lisa McPherson on a public sidewalk when Scientology was largely in control of the beautification project in Clearwater.

Jeff Jacocobsen persevered and got the brick installed in the alley but after we left town, it was discovered that “someone” had defaced the brick, making it unreadable. It has since been replaced.

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