Get Your TRs In!

Scientology Training Routines (TRs in Scientology-speak) are an important element to the group. They shape the way Scientologists speak and think and are among the first steps in the gradual shifting of reality for Scientology members.

In 2000, I produced a demonstration video with Stacy Brooks and Jesse Prince, former high ranking members of Scientology, and at the time of the taping, my co-workers at the Lisa McPherson Trust. This video was shown once to an audience in Germany and never seen on the web…until now.

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20 Comments on “Get Your TRs In!”

  1. Yuval Says:

    What about the rest of the tr-s?
    I want to see how they yell at ashtrays at “tone 40”.
    I love reading about scientology, and I think that the tr-s get relatively little attention. I think that this is due to the fact that ex-scientologists are a little ashamed about telling people that they did those ridiculous acts. it one thing to tell people about the rpf or auditing, but the strangeness of the tr-s is a little embarrassing…

    Love the site, saw almost everything on it and loved it. It should put up the French tv show about the landmark forum written about in cult-news. Its very good.

  2. Arianna Says:

    This was one of the most informative things I have ever seen on Scientology. I’d love to know more about the other TRs, and it was immensely helpful to see them demonstrated. It really helps when you’re actually talking to a scientologist to know that they’ve done these TRs. It helps you know how to fight it, or ignore it, and not get too creeped out or irritated by how they just keep staring and asking the same damn question.

    Right on.

  3. jim c Says:

    What happened to Stacy Brooks after 2001? She seemed to have disappeared. Did she perhaps sign an agreement with CoS? Just curious.

  4. meredeth Says:

    to the person who would like to see tr8 the ashtray its not really any fun trying recovering from a drug addiction and having to sit in a room for nine hours lifting a ashtray up saying “stand up in that chair” then lifting “sit down in that chair” then “thank you” repeat……… than you get to do it saying the words in your head and pausing at the right moments. then you get to do it going thru the routine using random words like blue, zebra, etc… it can really take a toll on a persons sanity i now know why narcanon uses theses tr in the very being of the program it to break you of your free will. but the worst is TR0 BULL BAIT the other student and supervisors make you sit in the chair staying completly composed and scream every ugly thing they can at you like “crack whore” “fat b….” etc. what they show on the demo is not really what it is like at narcanon. and for TR00 confront and control. try sitting in that chair for up to nine hours a day the 1st day you are out of withdraw. it really give you the confidence you need to stay of drugs .. NOT it makes you crazy.

    just a little insight to the TR

  5. […] Part three is a little frustrating because they managed to get the Wickstroms on the show, including an angered Per who felt it important to pick up the extension suddenly and chime in, but there’s a bit more heat than information. It’s best to just get these Scientologist on the record answering questions than to take them on with heated exchanges. These are, after all, people who have been trained in bullbaiting. […]

  6. MP Says:

    This was good to see. I admited myself to the narconon facility called riverbend bend retreat. And I saw the controling aspects from day one. It was the most horrible two weeks of my life. This helped to heal from the CRAP they put me through. I am happy to see I am 5 months clean and I did it using a 12 step program.

  7. Marcella Says:

    Meredeth thank you ! I just left Narconon after 40 days and you just described the first week perfectly. I was told it had nothing to do with Scientology. All they did was take $29,000 and lie about the whole program. Brainwash my family into disowning me and causeing me more hardship then before I went in that program. I hope this video might help to mend some of the hurt with my family. Because unless you are there doing that for eight hours a day , it is hard to picture in your mind. Only picture if you will about 20 people bullbaiting, screaming at the top of there lungs the rudest things they can think of, only you and your twin are doing TR0 eyes open for a hour to get a pass and get through the strangest week of your life. BEWARE OF NARCONON !!!

  8. […] Part three is a little frustrating because they managed to get the Wickstroms on the show, including an angered Per who felt it important to pick up the extension suddenly and chime in, but there’s a bit more heat than information. It’s best to just get these Scientologist on the record answering questions than to take them on with heated exchanges. These are, after all, people who have been trained in bullbaiting. […]

  9. […] subjecting members to hypnotic one-on-one mind control procedures meant to promote submissiveness and suggestibility; [see: […]

  10. Hot Action Man Says:

    ohhhh MP he was a retard the worst 2 weeks of his life????? He was only there 4 days if you count his 1st night in WD. and clean for 5 months on a 12 step program???? I was a student there when mark was there and i can tell you that 12 step program did a lot moar for him than get him clean it also bent time. He wrote that 1 month after his four days there. You sure your clean mark?

  11. Julie Says:

    Sorry to get off topic here –Is that the same MP who went to Shenandoah in the early 90’s? If so, I see you’re still twisting reality to suit your demented perceptions. You needed serious help long before the Scientologists got their hands on you.

    If I’ve got the wrong MP, sorry for the rant. If that’s the case, it just means that there’s TWO MP’s out there who are lying creeps. Yikes!

  12. XENU TV Says:

    Wow, it sures seems like people want to discredit MP.

    What are his crimes?

  13. Mary Says:

    OH PLEASE!!!Just passing by and what else…..the twisted sick statments of the CULT members. Obviously here is a guy, trying to get clean, DISAGREES with Narconon and here starts the insanity. If the people who run Narconon were truely there to “help” those addicted, they would be happy that someone was now “clean” regardless of how they are working their program. To call someone retarded, demented and a liar show the TRUE FACE OF THIS CULT–NO COMPASSION–THEIR WAY OR THE HGHWAY!!He is lucky he survived after the CULT got their hands on him! Narconon is nothing but a front group to sign up more unsuspecting people into their CULT! Their comments sicken me, show some respect for this guy Mark or anyone who has finally won over their addiction. THE FILTHY, OVERPRICED FACILITIES KNOW AS NARCONON ARE A RIP OFF–ONCE AGAIN SCIENTOLOGY– FOOT BULLET!!!!!

  14. Sue Mee Says:

    I’ve been researching the scientology cult for nearly a year now, ever since german historian Guido Knopp compared a cult meeting to a Nuremberg rally. There are still a lot of things to get through, and a lot to understand. These TR routines I only saw last week but I realise how important they are in providing cult members with ‘wins’.

    The wins are of course credited to Hubbards ‘superior tech’, but he didn’t really invent them, just gave them their distinctive form. They do indeed provide the slippery slope towards mental slavery. I was engrossed by Stacy and Jesse’s performances and could see very clearly the relationship between these TR’s and the behaviour of the scientolgist on the street.

    Many thanks.

  15. MP Says:

    Wow! Julie must be friends with my old girlfriend Karen. I do not know a Julie but that might not be your real name. If you have the guts to reply, go ahead and tell me why I was such a bastard . Hey HOT ACTION MAN…..LOL. Get your damn Dates str8 I was admitted Jan 12.

  16. MP Says:

    I have a funny feeling Hot Action Guy and Julie might be the same person. Or, they are Both Scientologists. Probably from the River bend Retreat Narconon rehab I went to. They are trying to discredit me and doing a very bad job of it. OH AND BY THE WAY, HAVE THE GUTS TO USE YOUR REAL NAME.

    When you go to a Narconon facility you give them LOADS of personal and professional info. I must have spent the first 2 hours signing my rights and my life away. So I would tend to think they then use that info to validate there comments if you speak out against them. I have no beef with Scientology or L Ron. If it makers you happy great! But Narconon did not work for me……sorry.

    Trying to discredit me with lies and slander about my past is pathetic.

  17. Mr. Slouch Says:

    My name is Mr. Slouch and I don’t give up! Daboosh!

  18. Doorgague Says:

    hm. thank you..

  19. mom Says:

    My son, drug addicted for over seven years, went to (paid by me) several other programs prior to Narconon.. None of them worked (all 12 step).. He couldn’t carry a conversation or look into anyone’s eyes while talking; he also avoided people healthy people as he didn’t know what to say or how to carry on a meaningful conversation. I can honestly say these drills worked for him. We are not connected with Scientology nor are we interested in becoming so. He has much better control of saying “no” to people who want to control him or drag him back in to a world he no longer wants. He also has much better self-control over his own actions (no more impulse actions). Best of all he enjoys being in the room feeling present and happy while around healthy happy people. He was never asked nor felt compelled to join the church of scientology. Who cares if a program is founded or follows any theology if in the end it works. As one mom to another of any drug addicted child.. don’t be afraid to step out of the box when it comes to rehab programs. This one worked for us.

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