The Last Time I Saw Paris

The local paper for Scientology’s spiritual Mecca (Clearwater, Florida) is the St. Pete Times. Today two Scientologists write in to respond to an article about a man who has been videotaping Scientology for a cable access tv show called “Cult Watch.” One of the letter writers is the owner of the One Stoppe Shoppe, a downtown 7/11 type of store:

Unbelievably, your newspaper has hit a new low with staff writer Robert Farley’s sympathetic article on Shawn Lonsdale, the (nearly famous) anti-Scientologist. The article portrays his statements as incontrovertible facts and uses them to smear Scientology and the reputations of Scientologists. This is an old tactic of the St. Petersburg Times, but seldom have you quoted or presented a less credible source.

Farley writes that Lonsdale is filming a “documentary” on Scientology, when even Lonsdale himself calls it a “pseudo-documentary.”

His riveting footage of Scientology staffers crossing the street to go for lunch is hardly likely to win any journalism prizes. One would think that even a bottom feeder like Farley would hesitate to champion someone as disgusting as Shawn Lonsdale. Farley accepts and seems to excuse Lonsdale’s performing oral sex on strange men as something he had to do when “money was tight.” Why doesn’t he just get a job?

The Times has no qualms in taking his side so you can once again fan the flames of bigotry and prejudice in our city.
Paris Morfopoulos, Clearwater

Paris is no stranger to visitors of XENU TV.   Take a look at this video and you can see why the Scientologists don’t want to be immortalized on tape.

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5 Comments on “The Last Time I Saw Paris”

  1. OSA International Says:

    What is your crime Mark Bunker? How many civilizations have destroyed? Who’s paying you to be a so-called “critic”, towards the most ethical people this Universe has ever seen?

    Clue: We know the history of the psychs. You don’t…..

  2. Thetabop Says:

    Watching Scientologists talk and act like this was one of the many reasons I left the Cult. I could not bear to be associated with such bad mannered people who proclaim to be expert communicaters.

  3. Meg Says:

    Wow debate like this actually makes politics looks elegant. “I don’t like you so clearly you have sex with children.” I wonder if that is a talking point ‘If all else fails mock their appearance and accuse them of beasiality or child molestation. Necrophelia is also a good insult but don’t use that bad bot too quickly.’

  4. Trams Says:

    Another year is ending,I watched it come and slowly go.Soon we’ll all be sending love to everyone we know. Christmas gifts will fill the cupboard, but the greatest hatred in our land, was given by L. Ron Hubbard, tendered as a humble hate to man. On Christmas eve I’ll be praying, My prayers will be different this year. To my family and friends I’ll be saying, The true Christmas spirit is here. The small package with the red ribbon, at which no one should look, is the most important garbbage I’m given: L Ron Hubbard scientology hook. I have my greatest gift. It comes to a man I now know. I’m going to watch his hatred slip, to the Hell of hate dowm below. Ah, Christmas gift will fill the cupboard, but the greatest Hatred in our land, was given by L. Ron Hubbard, Tendered as a humble hate for man.

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